Chipolte, the most humiliating work experience.

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Working at Chipolte was the mist humiliating work experience I ever had.
Let me explain.
I was a minority at my location, 98% were Mexican, and I was not only treated as inefficient and dumb, but was denied any sort of promotion.
No. It was not my working quality. In fact, I was working so hard, with so much passion, that I would deserve far more than being treated like crap.
Some of my coworkers, hungry for promotion, seeing me so ambitious, were ordering me around, correcting me on thing I have known, because they wanted to be upon me.
Make each other better? Some might do it from hearth, but on the most part, most people won,t feel good to see you more successful, and unfortunately there are many people who would try to step over you to rise, instead on their own efforts to improve.
Every time when I felt insulted on a bad behavior, and complain about it to the restauranteur I would be told that I am exagerating and that I will be fired.
If I replied back something minor to them,or make a face they didn,t like, they would go in the office to complain, and they were always right.
I was bashed no matter what I did. I Was nice, or sucked it in, it was both ways a problem.
I was acused that I am not authoritar enough and that if I am not ordering people around, I could not be a leader. On the other hand, when I did, I got complains in the office, and In the end I was the only person not allowed to have an opinion,complaint, or any point of view at all.
I tried to be nice to everyone, even to those who were not so nice to me.
It was not good enough.
And now you migh ask why everyone at Chipolte acts like a boss and order you around? And you migh think why people quit so often? And why things are so disorganized? Why did we run out of supplies countless times?
I tel you why.
Because there is discrimination, favoritism, personal problems, and a ficked up system.
A workplace that appears like paradise in all these web sites, where everybody is happy and can be promoted, is a shit home full of lies in reality.
Chipolte,s culture of being a leader is to order people around, acting like they own you something, being loud with them like an army training session, and puting others on the bottom to show your leader potential.
People who have no clue how to order supplies, get things done the right way, making a efficient shedule, are getting promoted, and often things are ruined.
Chilling and joking around, and sitting in the office while the salsas are half empty, and none done for replacement, running out of tortilas, and letter before the pm peak hour, etc, that,s what many managers do there.
Giving to crew members the dirty work they do not feel to do, while they will talk to you about the brainwash culture of hypocrites who promote only people they favor, and their own.
If you think you do good and work your ass off but you are stopped from promotion and treated differently, you right. It did happened to me, and from other post, it happens to many others.
In the short period of time I was working for my location, because yes, I quit( after the restauranteur humiliated me in front of the customers and team), there were like 5 people that quit, 3 that transferred, and 30 that quit over the whole year. From my family relatives, they know already 3 people that quit for the exact same experience as mine, at the same location, and because of the same person which is the hypocrite, racist and selfish resaturanteur.
The current GM only favors people he likes, and lick his ass.The restauranteur encourages people to belittle others, and if just happens that you just a nice person, it will call you inefficient to be a leader.
making others feel like that the team work that chipolte is all about?
Is more like stressing each other out, and making our team mates quit, or go in the bath room crying like some of the people I worked with , before returning back to their shift.
working in the downtown if the "Finest city of America" was traumatizing and horrible.
I will never forget this experience.
Wrong management, and wrong way to develop "future leaders".
No wonder that not many last.
Is not the job, not the amount of work, is the wrong management.
God see everything. Stop treating some of your people like shit. Stop acting superior.