Rant about Chipotle and its unjustness

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Cowardly Chipotle Hater's picture
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First off, let me say Chipotle really dose suck donkey balls.

Now I'm alright with the people (crew) that I work with but not so much the managers who think its okay to be hypocrites all the time. Example: I brought a dinner in the other day because I can't eat chipotle since it made me sick the last time. So I left my lunch in the office area, was told later that night that I couldn't bring my own food into the restaurant because it was considered a contaminant to the other food sources. Come on people, it was my dinner a fucken sandwich and chips really?! So a few days prior to this happening someone goes to get the same manager who told me about my dinner to grab her a dunking doughnuts iced coffee, which was then hidden in a unscrupulous Chipotle cup the contents ignored by others when I had asked her about it. Her words were this...

"Don't tell anybody." Well you know what bitch not everyone wants to play fair and I for one don't give two shits about the store I work at. So you can take that iced coffee and shove it up your ass.

Another thorn in my side at the present is a reissued statement saying that crew is not allowed to have 40+ hours a week anymore and that that right is reserved for Management only. How the HELL do you expect me to pay my fucken bills! You force MY hand to get a second job so I can pull in extra money to pay the difference that you guys don't pay me for all the bull shit I have to put up with. Its not worth the 9.75 an hour to be told every five seconds what I'm doing wrong....

Another issue I have with this company was the fact that I got pulled in by the promise of becoming a Kitchen Manager. Weeks roll by, months roll by as well while I'm trying my best to become a kitchen manager and then it happens someone else gets the position but he had only been there two months while I had been there 6 months. How the hell do you do that?

I was also told that you need to know grill and Back Of House before becoming a Kitchen Manager In Training...well guess what this guy only knew how to do cash and some of the line while I had to beg to get on the grill. I had even inquired about why he was allowed to become a kitchen manager in the first place when he didn't know didly squat.

"He can learn while being a KMIT." When you told me to my face that both BOH AND grill had to be learned before you become a kitchen manager that includes KMIT status as well!

After one year, multiple people got to KMIT status after I had been working there for so long I see that my manager only cares about getting his quota filled and money.

Also as a side note almost all the KMIT's that had been hired left for better jobs. So, good job management you screwed the pooch to get your money but you have no management left to help with the store.

That problem got resolved by grabbing other managers from other stores...whoo-fucken-hoo.....

And yet another problem, the hiring process...how do you actually hire people with 13 characteristics if the interview is only 5 minutes or less and your in a group of people? Disgusting....

Another complaint about this work place is being forced upon the line, not being able to walk off to grab a drink while on the tortilla side which is hot as hell because you stand in front of the grill. Then when the line gets longer than 4 people thats when they expect you to call for assistance, yeah right, sure guys I call and you you either ignore me or they get there just in time when I finish the line and now its down to three people.

Yet another thorn in my side was scheduling, I took on an internship that had me working all hours of the morning and I told the person (manager) in charge of what times in the morning I worked and what times would be best for me to start working that same day at Chipotle. I would work in the morning at the bakery and then turn around to work at Chipotle at night time.

I seemed to of pissed off management by getting an internship, could tell by the way they scheduled me for my first week at the bakery. Sure once is okay, twice is meh, but four times in a row in one month? When everyone down to crew knew I was working at an internship! *flails around* I questioned them about my schedule.

"Sorry but I'm not doing that anymore you need to talk to -insert manager name here-" So, you didn't tell me that the scheduling switched hands why?

Another point in my disdain for this company is that they no longer have crew meetings about the store. They now believe its better to just tell people by way of mouth of whats going on. Oh it gets better, they expect you to read a few paragraphs, say you understand, AND then sign a paper. If you were not there that day they track you down, have you read the paper and then you sign it. So how dose that make the store better?

It gets worse when I ask them this, "Why don't we just gather everyone up for a crew meeting and explain this instead? It seems pointless to scramble to find people and tell them the same thing." My opinion was shot down thusly, even though they still have manager meetings!

"Its easier this way to teach people." Teach them what? And teach them how? On a personal level? On a need to know basis level? WTF Chipotle!

I was also almost fired for not being able to find someone to work for me.....again wtf isn't that supposed to be managements problem?

Lastly and what I've had to endure the most is being the last to be told of any kind of news at work. Always the last to know, always having to ask questions about why we now have to put tops on the cooked meat while it sits in the cutting area where the grill person dose as such. I was told "It keeps the food warmer."

Also the last to know when a KMIT is born....trust me folks you don't want to work here you'd be better off in the prehistoric era cooking your meat over a pit than eating this disgusting garbage that made me sick. \\

Please save yourself a world of headaches and hurt, don't get a job here.