13 characteristics of doom

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I started my career with Chipotle in August of '06. I was fresh out of highschool and my cousin told me he could get me a job. I went and applied and was hired shortly after. During my training at the s.w.a.t.(because the store was brand new) one of the trainers made it quite aparent he was "into" me(and I don't mean training). He was a GM from the Columbus market so being the new employee I ignored it. My area manager instantly loved me and said I had great "potential". I was excited at how quickly I was being recognized. The store opened in August and was a complete disaster by December. No one wanted work, people always calling off, my GM quit and another sexual harrassing male was promoted to management. At night I was not only closing the whole front line but I was also helping close the kitchen and the dishtank. I was going to college at the time and working another partime and it finally took it's toll on me.I was tired and sick and had to take a few weeks off. During my time off I was told about transfering to a different store. I remember thinking to myself..."Any store has to be better than this one!" So I transfered to the Columbus market. I became a cashier...things were a lot busier...my mangers were AWESOME. I was again being pushed in the direction of management. I decided to take the leap and became KM. I was hastily trained (a day or so in each station) and then promoted. I was given a ridiculously low Km rate compared to other newly promoted KM's (probably because I was a girl and young) I could beat everyone as far as fast and efficiant..even some of the long time Mexican grill people. I was ok with my new position even at the low pay. Worked hard, believed every speil of "integrity and people with potential" I was promoted and switched stores to super bad end of town location. I was SM for exactly 2 weeks when my friend and Apprentice threw in the towel after being skipped time after time for his own restaraunt. I saw the oppertunity to make GOOD money and move even farther up and was asked to become Apprentice. I took it and that's when I began to see how corrupt and FAKE this company really is. My GM was terrible didn't follow proceedurs, only hired Mexicans, was openly Super discriminatory with African Americans. She was on vacation one week and I hired a young black woman who was awesome! The week she came back she fired her for some ridiculous reason.(Her being Black the true reason) My Gm would call off for ridiculous reasons...like her dog ran away ...I think her Father died 4 times in 6 months:) I was working my butt to the bone didn't have time to train properly or keep the store tidy because my Gm bulked her shifts up with the best people and left me to close with 4 crappy new people. I now was not only doing managerial duties but closing the line helping with dishes closing the kitchen. I would cry almost every night when I went home. Finally I reached out to my area manager for help. She was good friends with my GM though and did nothing. It went on like this for 3 months or so and I finally went (AGAIN) to my area manager and said either you fix this or I quit! So she came and had a talk with my GM. The solution: On top everything I already did I now also had to write the schedule; so I wouldn' t be shorted people. My Gm had a major surgery and was out for 4months shortly after that. They sent a new GM to my store and she was THE best! We worked our asses off to turn that store around and she motivated me to uphold all these policies and hire GREAT people who were not Mexicans! Our store turned completely around and our management dynamic was great. I was again up for recognition and consideration of my own store and was again a believer of CHIPOTLE. Then another store close to us fell apart and my old GM was allowed right back in. They transfered the Gm I loved away to help the another store get back on its feet and within 4 months our store had fallen back to poop all the good managers quit because they hated my old GM and again everything fell into my lap to fix. I was told I had to have a replacement ready in order to be considered for my own store. So I began training my pipeline people, but everytime they would see how much I did and how hard it wasthey would quit right before I got them signed off. I gave up on reaching out for help to anyone(except to cover my own vacation days) I was sorely depressed and never wanted to work. My employees loved me said I motivated them and that everything ran poorly when I was not there. I still managed to feed them the BULL SHIT speils and continued training managers and watching them quit...wishing it was me quitting and moving on to better things. I was given my review this last March nothing but "your doing great...keep training...keep running good numbers...and you'll be GM by the end of this year...goood job(crappy raise) A month ago my Gm was pulled from my store to help yet another "Fallen Chipotle"